If you are interested in anything feel free to contact us directly or if you prefer check out Bandcamp, Big Cartel, eBay & our discogs listings for DLR or FIVR

We were invited to do a track for Industrial Coast's "A Tribute To Minor Threat" tape and decided that the only way to do these hardcore legends justice was with a medley of four of their songs!
(recorded with bassguitar & drums, checkout bandcamp for more details)

Some drum&noise recordings form late 2017 that got released a year later on recycled tapes by "Harsh Noise London":

In the summer of 2018 our first proper debut digipak album Buried In The Woods saw the light of day, excerpts only for now:

Starting out 2018 right with a little 3" CD-R called Ritualistic Practices we did for our gig in Minsk, through everyones favorite label FIVR! Still got a couple so dont be shy with ordering :)

A track of ours was featured on the "es gibt schowieda wos, der sampler" compilation by epileptic media

Our debut demo tape Occult Sacrifice which features one of the very first recorded noise&drums sessions from July 2016 was released on 2017-07-01 by Craneal Fracture Records

If you want a physical tape act fast as we are down to the last few artist copies! Most importantly tho, just listen to it:

We also had the honour to play at the re:flexions sound-art festival 2017 which was accompanied by a digital sampler for which we recorded a noise & drums track:

and followed by a net release which featured that very concert and another gig we recorded shortly afterwards in Vienna, released by the festival-organisers netlabel: