2018-07-23: Mutilated Judge, Ósserp & Fall Into Dry Lungs @ Venster99, Vienna


Collaborative project of Christoph F. (Dry Lungs Records / Feuersalamander auf Marzipan) and Petar S. (Fall Into Void Recs / Bruising Pattern).
Since its inception in early 2015 they have made a name for themselves for their high-energy pedal abusing live performances.
Playing either as a noise&drums duo or delivering a cut-up battle style harsh noise set, whatever fits the venue, event & moment best!

Always interested in playing live or releasing something, just get in touch with us!
Contact either Christoph (instagram / twitter / e-mail) or Petar (instagram / facebook / e-mail)


Everyone loves videos but check out these high quality pics from our show at Signalzirkus007 too!


Starting out 2018 right with a little 3" CD-R called Ritualistic Practices we did for our gig in Minsk, through everyones favorite label FIVR! Still got a couple so dont be shy with ordering :)

Our debut demo tape Occult Sacrifice which features one of the very first recorded noise&drums sessions from July 2016 was released on 2017-07-01 by Craneal Fracture Records
If you want a physical tape act fast as we are down to the last few artist copies! Most importantly tho, just listen to it:

We also had the honour to play at the re:flexions sound-art festival 2017 which was accompanied by a digital sampler for which we recorded a noise & drums track:

and followed by a net release which featured that very concert and another gig we recorded shortly afterwards in Vienna, released by the festival-organisers netlabel:


2018-07-23: Mutilated Judge, Ósserp & Fall Into Dry Lungs @ Venster99, Vienna
2018-05-04: Marek Pluciennik feat. 70fps & Fall Into Dry Lungs @ Muro Torto, Eboli, ITALY (no flyer available, but checkout the event page)
2018-05-06: Plucié Des Andes, Genital Warts & Fall Into Dry Lungs @ 76A, Naples, ITALY
2018-01-21: Beyond Andromeda Obscure Fest II @ Honey Artspace, Minsk, BELARUS
2017-12-09: Panzerschokolade #17 @ EKH, Vienna (gig cancelled due to a stabbing right before our set)
2017-10-28: MROŽ Fest 2017 @ Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA (no flyer available, but checkout the website)
2017-09-29: Red Out x Dry Lungs @ SUB, Vienna
2017-09-20: Aleatory Rituals @ Venster99, Vienna
2017-09-02: Panzerschokolade #16 @ EKH, Vienna
2017-07-30: Lauter Lärm @ Venster99, Vienna
2017-07-22: re:flexions sound-art festival @ K15, Augsburg, GERMANY
2017-06-02: Zasavje Noise Fest International Volume 4 @ Vašhava RTH, Trbovlje, SLOVENIA
2017-06-01: ZNFI Preshow @ Cirkulacija2, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
2017-05-31: ZNFI Preshow @ Radio Student, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA (no flyer availbale, but checkout the recording on their website)
2017-04-29: Panzerschokolade #15 @ EKH, Vienna
2017-03-04: Panzerschokolade #14 @ EKH, Vienna
2017-02-07: Signalzirkus007 @ Kramladen, Vienna (no flyer available, but checkout the event page)
2016-11-18: Panzerschokolade #13 @ EKH, Vienna
2016-09-09: Freiheit für Aaron und Balu Soliparty @ EKH, Vienna (not on the flyer but we played there at 3:00 in the mornin right after frontcore!)
2016-06-03: Nightmare of the living incredibly evil David Hasselhehn @ Venster99, Vienna
2015-12-19: Very Last Christmas Chapter 2 @ Venster99, Vienna

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