Upcoming Concerts:

2017-09-02: Panzerschokolade #16 @ EKH, Vienna

2017-09-20: Lauter Lärm x Dry Lungs @ Venster99, Vienna
2017-09-29: Red Out x Dry Lungs @ SUB, Vienna

Christoph F. from Dry Lungs Records on a Synths&Effectpedals-chain accompanied by
Petar S. from FallIntoVoidRecords, on Drums - if there are any at the venue -
otherwise on his own synth and pedals for some versus action!

Always interested in playing live or releasing something, just get in touch with either of us!

Our debut demo tape Occult Sacrifice which features one of the very first recorded noise&drums sessions from July 2016 is finally out on Craneal Fracture Records since 2017-07-01
If you want a physical tape act fast as we are down to the last few artist copies! Most importantly tho, just listen to it:

Pics from our show at Signalzirkus007 can be found HERE and check out a small excerpt of the performance at the last few minutes of:

Past Concerts:

2017-07-30: Lauter Lärm @ Venster99, Vienna
2017-07-22: re:flexions sound-art festival @ K15, Augsburg
2017-06-02: Zasavje Noise Fest International Volume 4 @ Vašhava RTH, Trbovlje
2017-06-01: ZNFI Preshow @ Cirkulacija2, Ljubljana
2017-05-31: ZNFI Preshow @ Radio Student, Ljubljana (no flyer availbale, but checkout the recording on their website)
2017-04-29: Panzerschokolade #15 @ EKH, Vienna
2017-03-04: Panzerschokolade #14 @ EKH, Vienna
2017-02-07: Signalzirkus007 @ Kramladen, Vienna (no flyer available, but checkout the event page)
2016-11-18: Panzerschokolade #13 @ EKH, Vienna
2016-09-09: Freiheit für Aaron und Balu Soliparty @ EKH, Vienna (not on the flyer but we played there at 3:00 in the mornin right after frontcore!)
2016-06-03: Nightmare of the living incredibly evil David Hasselhehn @ Venster99, Vienna
2015-12-19: Very Last Christmas Chapter 2 @ Venster99, Vienna

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